Distributed Leased Line Network

Leased Line network involves data to transmit between computer and electronic information devices peer to peer network,mainly leased line networks are used in business class networks because in big companies all the employers need to connect with a particular network so we have provided this type of network.iAir infocom offers a choice of high, medium and low speed leased data circuits.Bandwidth of the network will be available on demand in particular cities in Punjab. Leased circuits are provided to subscribers for internal communication between their offices/factories at various sites within a city/town or on a network basis interconnecting the various sites.

iAir Distributed leased line at:

  • Other Non-Banking financial institutions.
  • Travel agents issuing tickets on the member airlines, whose network they use including the network of a group of member airlines.
  • Providers of the same category of service.
  • Producers of same categories of goods.
  • Producer of goods and his whole -sale traders /agents.