Business Plan

Business plan gives a complete solution to start or grow your business and customized solutions for large and smaller organisations.

Home Plan

Home plan will enhance the customer experience towards wireless and cable broadband services and attract new users to experience iAir broadband services.

Leased Line Plan

Leased Line network involves data to transmit between computer and electronic information devices peer to peer network.

City Plan

We are introducing new plans in your city so that you can enjoy the maximum speed of the iAir network.

iAir infocom is a technology driven company, where we delevers high performance wireless Network with emphasis on innovation, versatility, and affordability.A user can enjoy the speed of Infinet internet with highly reliable, secured leased line connectivity.

Our Mission

The iAir's team strives to revolutionize the way people see wireless, with the ultimate goal to better connect the world; we have succeeded in doing so by putting our products into the hands of customers. Our products have connected people who live in areas with no access to data, enhanced security of industrial applications, and empowered many others in ways previously thought impossible. We know the relentless desire for data will prompt new and demanding wireless applications and our goal is to be the market's leading Internet solution provider.

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Future Plans


We believe in creating excellent customer value and exceeding their expectations.Customer centrality is reflected in the approach and attitude of every iAir Infocom employee.Less time buffering and more video chatting, uploading family videos, and playing your favorite online games. All you need to do is click and youÂ’re there.

Network Coverage

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iAir infocom provide you a wide coverage internet. It will provide network to the metropoliton cities as well as the urben areas.We are the one of the providers who can service all of your locations.

Secured and Safer

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We are having a better and secured system so that consumer's identity will be limited to our admin and customer support.We have created the perfect IT hosting solution to manage your data.We care About our users and that's why we give our users best and faster speed connection so that they can enjoy the speed of iAir internet.

iAir Broadband has been a leader in High Speed Network.

iAir Infocom is the most affordable way to experience Internet like never before. Our internet comes with one in-built static IP address and our clients can even configure their mail or web server without spending any type of extra cost. We are also providing our customer to upgrade their plans from their present plans. iAir networks provides packages that makes a iAir internet connection a very sensible decision. iAir infocom provides a network that we believe, the speed and the unlimited plan capacity should be at that range so that user can be use to outperform anything at where he or she want. iAir infocom provides scalable, secured, and reliable services and removes the expense of doing it all in-house. iAir Infocom offers services that leads to a leaner cost structure, enhanced productivity and improved business results also. iAir network provide benefits like Managed Email, Website Hosting at high speed, Data Center Services etc. iAir networks are also Wired Broadband, Wireless Broadband,cabling broadband etc. We also contain internet leased Lines and network security.