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Questions About Billing and Payment...!

How do I understand my bill? (Bill Explanation)
A bill is a request to the user of a product or service to pay for the products or services delivered by the provider. It contains the details of the products and services availed by the user.
Billing Cycle
Billing cycle is the time period for which the bill is generated (30 days).
Due Date
The Due Date of your bill always be the 8th day of the month start date(i. e. 1st).
Bill Date
The date on which the customer’s bill is being calculated and compiled.The bill date will be always the 1st day of the month and it is specified on the top of the bill after the bill number.
Bill Period
It is one complete month for which the customer has been billed. 30 days
Bill Number
This number appears on the top left corner of the bill.
Previous Balance
This is the amount which is payable by the customer from his previous bill.
Total Payable
This includes all the charges of the customer’s bill including the taxes of the bill. Total Payable = Monthly Charges + CGST@9% + SGST@9% + Other Charges
LPC – Late Payment Charges
LPC are the charges those are calculated by the charges of the bill + the 10% of the bill amonut which is to be Payable and LTC charged after the due date(8th of month).
Monthly Charges
It includes all the rental charges levied to the customer in his current bill.
CGST ans SGST is levied on the Monthly bill of the customer. 9% is the CGST and 9% is the SGST which is levied.
How do I check my Bills on the Website?
You can view your detailed bill from our website, and access your bills for the past months. For this firstly you have to Login to the website with your valid login details, enters to user dashboard and click on bill information and choose the month and year from the dropdownlist, Click on the Print link to print your bill.
How can I pay my bill?
You can pay your bill by cheque,cash or using your credit/debit card or NEFT.Also you can Pay your bill at our iAir infocom of or transfer your bill to iAir Infocom account.
When will I be charged late payment fees and how much?
The Late payment Charges will be applied after the 8th day of the month and it will be charged of 10% of your monthly charges and if you will have your previous balance then LPC will be of 10% of sum of the monthly charges and previous balance.