High Speed Connection to internet

We care About our users and that's why we gives our users best and faster speed connection so that they can enjoy the speed of iAir internet.

Better and Secured System

We are having a better and secured system so that consumer identity will be limited to our admin and customer support.

Optimze your Internet Speed

You can also optimize your wifi or lan speed by calling and quering are customer support.

iAir Network Wide Coverage

Our resources allow us to handle the high demand for many megabytes of data that customers want. We provide our customer a wireless internet broadband and our speed and service are the result of our scalable advantage, giving consumers the freedom to get faster downloads and uploading,listening and watching audio and video content, email & more.


iAir Advantages

Wide Coverage –iAir infocom provide you a wide coverage initernet. It will provide network to the metropoliton cities as well as the urben areas.We are the one of the providers who can service all of your locations.

Easiest installation –The iAir Network will provide you to install the iair network very easy process it will by all rely upon our engineers to install the infrastructure as your need.

Adaptable Technologies –The iAir Network is compatible with all popular IP-PBX systems, including Hi-Tech systems.

Minimum Downtime –iAir infocom netwok gives you to download the anything you want within the mimimum time duration.

Faster Download – iAir networks provide you a fast downloading speed so that you can do your work much faster.

Easier Billing Process –iAir networks provide you a very easy billing process . Consumer can choose unlimited internet nad can pay-per-use channels, and receive a single easy-to-read bill for all of your locations.

Customer Support –Here you can also have the best customer support ever you have seen before,your query will be solve within 24 hours.

Compatile to any smart gadgets –iAir network is also compatible of any of the smart devices you can use.